About Us

We see beyond the buzz words. Vision! Press Pro Sites is an Atlanta based company that offers comprehensive WordPress Web Design that can create the online presence your business deserves. We specialize in a open source format that makes Word Press so powerful. We have partnered with WordPress Programmers from all over the world to make your WordPress site as powerful as it can be.

With our extensive knowledge of WordPress Theme Customization, we can work with you on all of the technical details of creating your website. From establishing your hosting account and installing WordPress, to setting up  widgets and social media links, to installing and configuring all of the right plug-ins you need. We also include products like spam blocking, search engine optimization, site backup, site security, content syndication, analytics tracking, and more.

What makes us different?

We have built a maintenance and backup matrix that blows away our competition. 43% of ALL WordPress sites (out of the 45 million currently out there) need to have some sort of security update. We do that for you.  If you server goes down, or someone hacks the hosting company you are hosting your site with. What do you do? We have you covered. We have mirrored your site on the Amazon S3 Cloud Network and in hours, we can have your entire site up and running. We also prevent, spam bots, hacker attempts, and complete e-commerce backup solutions for your site. Is your WordPress Site Secure? Check out our Maintenance and Backup Recovery plans, and see which one is for you.

When you work with us on your website we handle ALL the technical details that go with building a e-commerce or interactive site. It will be setup correctly and functioning the way it should right out of the gate. You’ll also benefit from our keen eye for design when we create a custom header for your website and customizes the color palette, fonts, and widgets to reflect your unique brand.

Once your new WordPress site is up and running, We will walk you through the WordPress dashboard, showing you exactly how to use your site, edit your content, publish a post to your blog, and optimize your site.