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Why Writing Fresh Content Will Be Important In 2012 0

Why Writing Fresh Content Will Be Important In 2012

Posted by on Mar 28, 2012 in blog news

One of the huge differences in SEO  in the coming year, search engines and Google in particular are going to very focused on delivering their users results showing the very freshest, quality website content pages that can. Web page freshness is a factor in search engine position Google is already factoring in a web page’s age or when it was last updated as a part of the page scoring process, and is making no secret on how focused it is in looking for fresh content. Get into the habit of creating fresh content for your website So getting into the habit of creating quality fresh content for your website can only be a good thing. Note I say “qualtiy” content. Just churning out any old content on hashed together pages from other sources, won’t help and may do harm to your rankings. It’s easy to take advantage of this change Google say they make up to 200 tweaks to their search algorithms every year. Often it can be difficult and complex for the website owner to adapt his or her SEO strategy to take best advantage of them. Make use of your website’s CMS Not so with this update. Just about every modern website has some form of content management system (CMS),...

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How Long To Make A First Impression 0

How Long To Make A First Impression

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in blog news

A recent article written by: Helen Leggatt of Biz Report, It takes a website visitor less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, according to recent eye-tracking research conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology. However, it takes longer, about 2.6 seconds, for a visitor’s eyes to focus on that area of a website that most influences their first impression. Using eye-tracking software and an infrared camera the research found that the sections of a website that drew the most interest were: – Logo – users spent 6.48 seconds focused on this area. – Main navigation – users spent 6.44 seconds on this area. – Search box – user spent just over 6 seconds on this area. – Social networking links – 5.95 seconds were spent focussing on links to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. – Main image – 5.94 seconds spent looking at this image. – Main text content – users spent 5.59 seconds with this. – Bottom of website – users spent 5.25 seconds on this area. The researchers acknowledge that, because the survey was done among college students, the attention to social networking links may be higher than among the general population. “We know first impressions are very important,” says Dr. Hong Sheng, assistant professor of business and information technology at Missouri...

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MCMebel Carpentry 0

MCMebel Carpentry

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

This project doesn’t really fall under the WordPress Category. But nonetheless we like showing off our work. MCMeuble contracted us to do a Flash Site for his specialized carpentry business. Michale Courts came to the United States a few years ago to bring his skills as a Carpenter. He asked us to build a Flash site for him (he really likes flash) and create a brand for him. Being from the Netherlands, Michael wasn’t sure what specific content he needed to create buzz about him and his work. So we wrote the content for him. Working with what Michael wanted, we were able to create a site that he liked, at the same time create a brand that drove business to...

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Adventages of Blogging with WordPress 0

Adventages of Blogging with WordPress

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in blog news

1. It’s Cost-Efficient One of the great things about WordPress is how cost-efficient it is. You can start blogging for free. WordPress is a free, open source platform that allows you to reach your audience free of charge. Additionally, there are paid upgrades that you can use to increase the attractiveness and customizability of your blog. However, even the paid features of WordPress are reasonably priced, meaning that you can get a high quality platform without paying a premium price. 2. Integrate with Your Website WordPress is also easy to integrate with your website. WordPress is compatible with a number of control panels, and you can add a blog to almost any site with the help of WordPress. Blogging with WordPress is easy to start, and it’s easy to ensure that your blog is fully integrated with your brand and your website. 3. Simple Interface The WordPress blogging platform is easy to use. The interface is easy to use, and intuitive. It’s easy to add images, video, and more. You can easily format posts, without the need to know html (although there are options that allow you to easily work in html, if that is your preference). Someone with very limited knowledge of the Internet and technology can start blogging quickly and easily with WordPress....

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