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Atlanta Web Development on the Rise 0

Atlanta Web Development on the Rise

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in blog news

Atlanta just saw its best stretch of job growth in five years — and for some employment sectors the best period since the late 1990s. But what does that mean for Atlanta Web Development? As the small business sector grows, so does the need for digital footprints in the online market place. The improvement in the jobs picture comes after months of local and national employment data that showed Atlanta was lagging other metro areas whose job growth was recovering much faster. But, the initial data did a poor job of tracking the birth and death of companies, causing the numbers to miss the mark. Atlanta recently completed its strongest stretch of employment growth since 2007, netting 68,400 jobs from January 2011 to January 2012, said Wells Fargo Securities LLC economist Mark Vitner, whose March 5 report on the revisions was titled: “Georgia’s recovery kicked into high gear during 2011.” Atlanta’s job growth has appeared anything but in high gear. Even so, for the year-over-year period ending January 2012, some of Atlanta’s job sectors saw their strongest expansion since the ’90s. For example, 26,200 jobs were created in professional and business services in Atlanta, the best mark since June 1999 when 29,700 jobs were added over a one-year stretch,...

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Atlanta Worpress Referral Program 0

Atlanta Worpress Referral Program

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in blog news

PressProSites is announcing it’s Atlanta WordPress Referral Program. Whether you are an existing customer or someone who just wants to earn some extra money, this is the program for you. As an exsisting customer, this is great news for you. If you refer a new client to us, and they hire us, we give you 20% of the total project cost back to you. You can use this money in one of two ways. First is we cut you a check. Have a night out on the town (drinks are on us). OR use it for another PressProSite product. If we did your website, you can use your 20% commission towards the WordPress maintenance package we offer. (Yippie)! Our referral program just isn’t for existing customers, we want to share our expertise with everyone. So, anyone living in the Atlanta Metro area can help us spread the word and make some extra cash. AND we know some of you have stumbled across a website that makes you want to scream, run, hide, or just go “UHHHH”? This is a good time to refer them to us, and earn that 20%. Example: Basic WordPress Package $1,295.00 If you refer us, and they hire us, you make = $259.00 You can...

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WordPress and the Atlanta Small Business Relationship 0

WordPress and the Atlanta Small Business Relationship

Posted by on Apr 21, 2012 in blog news

One of the most common complaints working with potential clients in the Atlanta Metro Area is that: They have no idea how to update their site, “I have to get my webmaster to do that and I don’t know where he is”, “I don’t know how to add images”. If you talk to enough Atlanta small business owners, or friends that want to have a website but don’t want to spend evenings and weekends tinkering around on the web, you’ll hear frustrations like this a lot. Small business owners often feel there website isn’t that powerful to offer what other social media sites are offering. The fact that most sites now need to be interactive in some way offers a real problem for business owners that just don’t have the time to create a social platform or pay huge amounts of money to a Web Developer. But here’s the truth: WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms on the Net today. Not only do small business owners have an opportunity to create, manage, and control content on their own site, but WordPress gives them power they never dreamed of having. Social Media is here to stay, and it’s only going to get more interactive. Most Internet Users today...

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Backup Your Hard Work 0

Backup Your Hard Work

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in blog news

So, you had a Atlanta WordPress Developer create a rock star web site, you blog daily for SEO results, and you’ve been successfully able to create a dynamic message and brand. The good news; You have done everything to make your business successful. The bad news: You didn’t back up your blog. Oooops! WordPress is a sophisticated content management system that is regularly updated. It is not uncommon for WordPress to issue an updated version about once a month. If a wordpress site is not kept up to date to the latest version, there is a risk of it becoming inoperable due to incompatibility issues with some of it’s plug-ins. There are many reasons to backup your WordPress website and make sure you always have a copy of it in case something goes wrong. Your database might crash, you might accidentally delete some of your posts or files, and you might even need to roll back to an earlier version of your WordPress blog. It’s a simple fact that computers fail all the time. A hard drive might crash out and many people don’t realize that your website is simply sitting on a computer somewhere that has all the same problems as your computer. Although it rarely happens, it...

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Social Newbies 0

Social Newbies

Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in blog is an Atlanta based company that helps small business bring a Social Media awareness to their brand. Developed for the sole purpose of bringing Industry Experts together to help guide owners, and professional Social Media Managers together, Social Newbies is branded as a leader in the Social Media Arena. We integrated WordPress plugins such as SEO, Data Management, Mail Chimp CMS, Google Analytics and social networking...

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