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Hobbit Movie Hub 0

Hobbit Movie Hub

Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in blog was designed by PressProSites Atlanta with WordPress. It was intended for Hobbit Fans from all over the world. They connect with news, articles, and gossip about the movie. It has mail integration with lots of fun features, and images. Complete with gallery and news articles, the Hobbit Movie Hub is a one stop shop for everything Hobbit. We had a lot of fun doing this site. It features some state of the art plugs, including backup, and...

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Gaming Noobie 0

Gaming Noobie

Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in blog designed by Pressprosites of Atlatna, was hired to add a new user experience to the game World War Craft. Of course we used WordPress as it’s engine and layout. It was specifically branded for the new game player has only been playing the MMO for about a month. The owner of the site, with a background of free beta testing other online games and working for Epic Games on Gears of war as a game tester, he would still consider himself a noob compared to people that have been playing WoW for years now. So sit back, relax and learn with him, because at some time we are all gaming...

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How Much Should a Website Cost in Atlanta? 0

How Much Should a Website Cost in Atlanta?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in blog news

During the last few years the economy has been a driving force to look for high degree of value rather than the glitter. In the Atlanta Metro Area, there are 3 important factors businesses now look for: Quality, Value, and Price. So, if you are building a new website, or just re-tooling it, how much should you pay? In Atlanta the price varies. Let’s take first things first: Where Does The Cost Of A Website Come From? In a DIY world, most non-developers don’t understand the work that goes into building a website. There are plenty of tools that let you drag-and-drop your way to an online presence in a few hours and call it a website. That’s not the kind of site I’m talking about. I’m talking about a website that reflects your business, your goals, your brand. I’m talking about a website that adds value and is a strong tool in your marketing arsenal. One that is optimized for search. One that works across browsers and operating systems. One that doesn’t stick you with another company’s logo at the bottom of it because you got it for $49.00 and now you’re obliged to perpetually advertise someone else’s brand. So assuming we’re not talking drag-and-drop, “stick your logo...

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About Our Team 0

About Our Team

Posted by on Apr 12, 2012 in blog news

Starting and growing a business is no easy task. But our goal here at PressProSites is more than just developing web sites. We really want to help small business have as many advantages as they can in a very competitive market. My name is Scott William Janz and I live here in Atlanta, GA. I started PressProSites to help and assist Small and Midsize businesses grow here in the Atlanta Metro Area. How we do that is simple. We bring your idea’s to life. Your online business culture is more important then ever now. In 2012 we will see more changes to how business get found on the web then ever before. Your web site has to live and breathe. It has to be a all involving entity so your visitors can feel that they have just been someplace special. Your web site cannon be a post card of information anymore. Those days are over. We can help with that and bring you most creative way to get your visitors to engage your site in someway. Anyone get a visitor to a web site, but how many of them can a visitor to buy something, or convert into a sales opportunity. This is what we do. My name is...

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What is a WordPress Plugin? 0

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in blog news

It’s one thing to understand WordPress and what it can do for your business, it’s another trying to explain to a Client, what a WordPress Plugin is? A good article found at explains it perfectly. “A plug-in is a small program, or combination of programs, that sits on top of your WordPress installation and increases the functionality of your website in some way. (Translation: Plug-ins allow your blog to have more features and to do more than it could when you first installed it.) Most plug-ins are written in the PHP scripting language and add an additional feature or function to your website. Plug-ins integrate seamlessly with WordPress so there’s no messing with your WordPress code. That’s another great thing about plug-ins. They don’t actually affect your original WordPress install. They reside separately and interact with WordPress”. WordPress plugins are generally free. However, there is a some “rules of thumb” to follow when choosing the right plugin for your site. The number #1 rule, is; Make sure it’s up to date. An old plugin may not only NOT work, but it could be vulnerable to hackers. Good plugis will update as WordPress it self updates. For WordPress sites here in Atlanta, we use the most updated Plugins. Have...

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