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Cheap vs. Professional Websites 0

Cheap vs. Professional Websites

Posted by on May 16, 2012 in blog news

Good websites aren’t cheap. Cheap websites aren’t good. Phillip Lockwood’s web agency, Distill, has annual retainers exceeding $1 million each. This means, some of his clients pay $1 million upfront to access his web services when needed. In his article Why You Should Pay As Much As Possible For Your Website, he forewarns business owners that when you negotiate web development to a rock-bottom price, you are doing more harm than good to your business. “If you use your wife’s nephew because he’ll do it for free, you may find yourself in the same situation as many of the clients who have come to me with a story of how they tried exactly the same thing (such projects never turn out well).” Don’t skimp, you only get one chance at first impressions Adam Green is an award-winning copywriter with clients from all over the world. He believes a Web designer is worth their weight in gold and knows that if you want a website that wows everyone who sees it and that’s an absolute joy to experience, you’ll have to pay for it. He describes business websites as, “It’s an insurance policy against poor first impressions. It’s how you make your brand shine before the world. […] And while the prospect of paying for...

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WordPress and Atlanta Mobility 0

WordPress and Atlanta Mobility

Posted by on May 9, 2012 in blog news

In the last few years, the way the Atlanta Metro Community access’s the Internet has changed dramatically. More and more users are using their mobile phones and other handheld devices to access the Internet. With more than 5 billion mobile users globally, this is a great opportunity to cash in. In such a scenario developing a mobile version of your WordPress website becomes a must. WordPress CMS being highly flexible and easy to use, allows a developer a mobile version of the website without any great hassle. Developers can use Wireless Markup Language (WML) to code the mobile version of the website. This dynamic programing language automatically detects the browsing device and renders a relevant website. Nobody understands more how important this is to your business than us. WordPress development supports most of the modern smartphone platforms with customized applications for Nokia, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 7, Android etc. There are a lot of tools available in WordPress which can be used to start a mobile version of the website. WordPress developers are making use of these plugins and customizing the mobile version of the website to offer mobile website users a good browsing experience on their mobile phones or Ipads. Remember, most Google searches are local and specific....

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Content Writing Versus Blogging 0

Content Writing Versus Blogging

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in blog news

Most content writers write about something different every day. Especially freelance writers. And it’s rarely something they’re even interested in, much less something they know a lot about. Sure, we can interview our clients ‘til the cows come home, but there’s only so much you can learn that way. (That’s why the best content writers are those with a lot of life experience and broad business experience. Your favorite bloggers, or small business owners on the other hand, are writing about their own niche expertise. They know their subject matter inside-out, and they’re passionate about it. They have a more immediate and real incentive Most content writers write about other people’s products and services. Rarely their own. And they’re usually paid by the hour or by the job. Very few of us write for royalties or on a performance basis. In other words, we get paid for our work, not for our results. Your favorite bloggers, on the other hand, are selling their own stuff. (Yes, this applies to affiliate links and banner ads too. The end product may not be theirs, but the click is — the click’s their product.) And they get paid only when they write effectively. When they engage their readers and compel them to...

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The Top SEO Blogs for Atlanta Business 0

The Top SEO Blogs for Atlanta Business

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in blog news

Smart bloggers in Atlanta are asked to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) so that an article that a blogger wrote will rank well on a Local Google results page. As a SEO blogger myself, I know that WordPress often makes it pretty easy to “get through” SEO—there is a space for Meta keywords, a space for tags, and a space for Meta description. Bloggers can easily just fill in these spaces and continue onto the next project. However, there is actually quite a bit of SEO information available that could really help bloggers. If bloggers really understood SEO, they would better understand: Topics that have the opportunity to rank well on Google. This will help a blogger’s writing gain more exposure in the Atlanta local market. The meaning of Meta data and how Google uses Meta data. Understanding this information will help again improve the SEO and overall visibility of an article. Any changes that are occurring with Google algorithms. These updates often change a website’s approach to content (usually for the better). Bloggers are more marketable if they really understand SEO. I have found that the easiest way for a blogger to learn more about SEO and stay current in the SEO sphere is by doing what he/she does best—reading different...

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