Content Writing Versus Blogging

Content Writing Versus Blogging

Most content writers write about something different every day. Especially freelance writers. And it’s rarely something they’re even interested in, much less something they know a lot about. Sure, we can interview our clients ‘til the cows come home, but there’s only so much you can learn that way. (That’s why the best content writers are those with a lot of life experience and broad business experience.

Your favorite bloggers, or small business owners on the other hand, are writing about their own niche expertise. They know their subject matter inside-out, and they’re passionate about it.

They have a more immediate and real incentive

Most content writers write about other people’s products and services. Rarely their own. And they’re usually paid by the hour or by the job. Very few of us write for royalties or on a performance basis. In other words, we get paid for our work, not for our results.

Your favorite bloggers, on the other hand, are selling their own stuff. (Yes, this applies to affiliate links and banner ads too. The end product may not be theirs, but the click is — the click’s their product.) And they get paid only when they write effectively. When they engage their readers and compel them to act — e.g. click a banner ad or click thru and buy an affiliate product. They write for results

They know their audience

Most content writers have only a relatively vague knowledge of their audience. They don’t get to meet readers or even talk to them. And half the time their clients aren’t any better informed. Even when they’re the business owner, they tend to know their product a lot better than they know their audience.

Your favorite bloggers, on the other hand, know their audience intimately. For a start, there’s a very good chance their readers are like them, with similar interests and goals. (The readers are reading their blog, after all!) They also interact with their audience on Twitter or Facebook, and in their comments.
So they know what to say to their audience and how to say it.

What is the point of this blog?

The point is…you are the best salesperson for your business. Your own words and thoughts are the very essence of your business and NO ONE know’s how to say it better than you. In other words…blogging is the best marketing you can provide for new and existing customers, so get to it.