WordPress and Atlanta Mobility

WordPress and Atlanta Mobility

In the last few years, the way the Atlanta Metro Community access’s the Internet has changed dramatically. More and more users are using their mobile phones and other handheld devices to access the Internet. With more than 5 billion mobile users globally, this is a great opportunity to cash in. In such a scenario developing a mobile version of your WordPress website becomes a must. WordPress CMS being highly flexible and easy to use, allows a developer a mobile version of the website without any great hassle. Developers can use Wireless Markup Language (WML) to code the mobile version of the website. This dynamic programing language automatically detects the browsing device and renders a relevant website.

Atlanta Mobile Web Design

Nobody understands more how important this is to your business than us.

WordPress development supports most of the modern smartphone platforms with customized applications for Nokia, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 7, Android etc. There are a lot of tools available in WordPress which can be used to start a mobile version of the website. WordPress developers are making use of these plugins and customizing the mobile version of the website to offer mobile website users a good browsing experience on their mobile phones or Ipads.

Remember, most Google searches are local and specific. If a potential customer, or visitor finds you on a search, (hopefully you have done your SEO homework) but your website isn’t mobile friendly, what are you really gaining.

Questions to ask your website?

  • Can mobile users see my content in a user friendly way?
  • Is my contact information right in front of them?
  • How easy is it to navigate my site on a mobile phone?
  • Can they even see my site on their mobile device?

If your not sure whether to invest in mobility, just remember one number: 5 billion people are using their mobile devices to find you.



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