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CLT Real Estate 0

CLT Real Estate

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in blog

CLT Real Estate contacted us for a package that could bring the user a fresh look at the real estate market without getting bogged down in endless links. So we came up with a simple but effective solution that would “Wow”! any visitor looking for new piece of property. We also provided a MLS searchable database, community network, and a “community page” where visitors could get a real feel for the...

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What Happens When Hackers Hit Your Blog 0

What Happens When Hackers Hit Your Blog

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in blog news

Jessie Cross has been running a food and cooking blog from her home in Salem, Mass. for four years. She’s amassed quite the audience, pulling in 200,000 visitors every month. Her blog became so popular, she was given a deal to publish a cookbook: and that’s when the hackers hit. On April 15, when Cross’ book based on herTheHungryMouse blog was supposed to come out, she logged in to her WordPress account to do a slew of promotional posts. It’s something she had done a thousand times, but on that day, something went wrong. “I couldn’t get into the back-end of WordPress,” said Cross. “So I knew I either got a bug or I did something wrong.” Cross, who describes herself as “pretty technically proficient,” contacted her host, who had nothing but bad news. “My hosts told me the domain registration no longer sat with me, but it looked like it was owned by some dude in China,” she said. The domain transfer actually happened around the beginning of March, but the hacker(s) didn’t take Cross’s access away for several weeks, so she wasn’t able to immediately detect the attack. Cross’s host said they’d investigate the incident, but then came back and said it was Google’s problem. Google initially pointed...

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