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Securing Your WordPress Based Website From Hackers 0

Securing Your WordPress Based Website From Hackers

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in blog news

Atlanta has some of the savyist WP users around.  However, security should still be the number one priority with any WP Site. Here are the top ten WP Plugins any User or Developer should look at. 1.   WP Security Scan – raises the level of the security for your Thesis theme for WordPress installation. It does this by scanning your site for security issues then suggests the methods you can use to fix them. 2.   WP-MalWatch – is designed to alert you when hackers have invaded your blog. When hackers do get into your WordPress blog site, they infest your site or blog with links to their sites. When you know they have invaded you can take the necessary actions to remove them from your world. 3.   WP Secure plug-in – provides security for your WordPress installation by hiding your plug-in directory and WP version from hackers and others. This is important to do because the cyber scum that inhabits our virtual world use the version and the list of plugins to locate one that they have hacked before to hack their way into your blog!  Add this plug-in to protect your website or blog. 4.   Website Defender WordPress Security plug-in – free and comprehensive security tool that helps you secure your WordPress...

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