To Post or Not to Post on the Home Page

To Post or Not to Post on the Home Page

I often hear the argument whether to post blog content on the home page or not. Having an Atlanta Web Design company, I can say that people are still not a big believer in content rich websites. I personally prefer it. I want to learn everything about the culture of that business in a very short time span. That seems to be backed up in the Web Design Industry. If I don’t see good content right away, I usually move on. Posting Blog content on your home page immediately draws your visitor in and keeps them on your site. I’ve put together a few suggestions that will make your home page “wow” your audience.

Cater the content to your Audience

Your home page content should focus on your customers’ needs and what you can offer them. It shouldn’t be all about you or proclamations of being the “the best in the business.” Think about your home page from your potential customers’ point of view, and make sure it answers the all-important questions:

What is in it for me?
What does this company offer that will make my life easier?
How can I get involved, participate, or purchase?

Be focused and concise

Remember, you only have about three seconds to grab someone’s attention on your home page and make him or her want to know more. Because of this, your website content needs to get to the point from the start. Don’t try to tell your entire company story on the home page. This may be important to you, but it’s a better fit for the About Us section. Focus on your most important products or services, deals or offers and include calls to action. This is where blog content should go. Excerpts are the best way to tell your audience that you are engaged in your own business. Don’t be afraid to streamline. Talk to your audience and be laser focused on who you are trying to reach.

Method does a great job of incorporating specials and calls to action on the home page. The home page also rotates out messaging that speaks directly to users.

Remember, your home page is important, but all of your site’s pages need to work together to weave a lovely path for visitors that will make them want to come back again and again. Home is where the heart is but every room should be memorable and serve a purpose. By posting fresh content, your visitor is more likely to come back because the site is fresh with new articles pertaining to their own interest’s

People come to your site to get to know you and find out what you can do for them. Your home page content should be clear and easy to read while luring readers to open the front door.

Offer Easy Access to Recent Homepage Features

Users will often remember articles, products, or promotions that were featured prominently on the homepage, but they won’t know how to find them once you move the features inside the site. To help users locate key items, keep a short list of recent features on the homepage, and supplement it with a link to a permanent archive of all other homepage features. Most people go to a “blog” link long after they have looked at your site. You have very little time to capture your visitors experience. This is why we recommend taking that extra step to provide rich and luring content on your Front Page/Home Page.