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Sculpted Body Pilates 0

Sculpted Body Pilates

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in blog

We were contracted by the owner of Sculpted Body Pilates of Atlanta, GA to design, and develoop a website that would introduce a new piece of Pilates equipment to the Atlanta Metro market place. We showed her the initial mock up of the design including colors, fonts, content, and video. She approved the mock up and we went to work. Not only did we shoot fresh and informative video for them, but we played a part in their social media campaign. Although the original design and feel of the project has changed since then, we delivered the web project leaving the Customer with exactly what they wanted. You can visit...

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Clients VS Web Developers 0

Clients VS Web Developers

Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in blog news

There is something about the Client vs Web Developer that really bothers me. If I could pin one word in the precarious relationship between client and “web person”, that word would be TRUST.  In this business you hear some real horrific stories about web developers/designers leaving the client hanging out to dry. They either didn’t complete the project, or gave the client no means of communication after the project was over. Those kinds of stories leave potential new clients already on guard when you or I come walking through the door. But’s what’s the other side of the story? Is there personal responsibility for the Client to do some homework when asking a developer to create their website? I say “yes”. So my message to potential clients/customers is to make sure you are part of the process the whole way through your project. My message to Web Developers is understand the business so well, that you are willing to let a client go for the sake of doing quality work that you yourself can be proud of. It does you no good if a client doesn’t want to take a part in the creative process only to tell you later (after hours of design and coding) “I don’t like...

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Why Atlanta Small Business Needs a WordPress Blog For Their Social Media Strategy 0

Why Atlanta Small Business Needs a WordPress Blog For Their Social Media Strategy

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in blog news

Atlanta small business owners: This article is for you.  Social media has helped to level the playing field. In the past, smaller companies couldn’t compete against the corporate behemoths with huge advertising budgets to reach customers and prospects. If you’re a small company, now you can go directly to your target audience with a WordPress blog as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. Think of your blog as your home base. From your home base, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities. Post an article, and it is immediately “pinged” to sites of your choice with a link back to your blog. The viral impact is enormous as readers Like, retweet and comment on your posts. You might think that you can just throw up a facebook page and use that as your social media base. But that could be a huge mistake. With a blog, you own your content. When you rely on a third-party social network, you are at the mercy of their rules. Remember when facebook started company pages? What a drag it became to populate both your personal and information streams. Recently, facebook changed its format again with timeline and resized...

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OnTrackMD 0


Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in blog

OnTrack MD contacted us as a new business opportunity. Their business model was to provide a medical weight loss program for people that needed a fast track to weight loss. After several meetings about marketing and branding, we all agreed the best way to go was “non threatening” and easy to get information about Medical Weight Loss. The Client also wanted to provide, coupons on the site, newsletter sigh up, and a way to have users contact administrators and give them info on how they found the site. We provided all of it. is a graphically friendly site that pulls you in by a “Healthier Slimmer You” (which is their tag line). We also did logo creating and graphics for Ontrack. We are really happy with how the site came out, and they have already had new sign up’s. We build a strong SEO modual in the site itself so the entire Atlanta community can find them when they search “Atlanta Medical Weight Loss”. In fact, go to the site and check out the tab...

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Piedmont Minor 0

Piedmont Minor

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in blog

Piedmont Minor Emergency Care (based in Atlanta Buckhead) came to us do re-design there web presence. Having had a bad experience with another “web person”, we wanted to make sure that this time, their experience was a good one.  We went to work on creating a visually friendly, safe, secure website that was based on “I need content now”! For people needing emergency care, or new people moving into the community, we created an experience that was easy to navigate, and was interactive. By creating a FAQ page  we were able to communicate to potential patience or walk in’s. We also created a friendly contact form so people could ask questions pre-arrival. We were also very specific with how to get there, and the ability to get directions.  This is what Atlanta Web Design professionals do, we create the users experience and provide communication between the user, and the client....

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