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Why Atlanta Small Business Needs a WordPress Blog For Their Social Media Strategy 0

Why Atlanta Small Business Needs a WordPress Blog For Their Social Media Strategy

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in blog news

Atlanta small business owners: This article is for you.  Social media has helped to level the playing field. In the past, smaller companies couldn’t compete against the corporate behemoths with huge advertising budgets to reach customers and prospects. If you’re a small company, now you can go directly to your target audience with a WordPress blog as the centerpiece of your social media strategy. Think of your blog as your home base. From your home base, you can feed important information directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many other social media sites where your customers are forming communities. Post an article, and it is immediately “pinged” to sites of your choice with a link back to your blog. The viral impact is enormous as readers Like, retweet and comment on your posts. You might think that you can just throw up a facebook page and use that as your social media base. But that could be a huge mistake. With a blog, you own your content. When you rely on a third-party social network, you are at the mercy of their rules. Remember when facebook started company pages? What a drag it became to populate both your personal and information streams. Recently, facebook changed its format again with timeline and resized...

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Effective Blogging Habbits 0

Effective Blogging Habbits

Posted by on Jul 7, 2012 in blog news

What makes one blogger better than the other? Nothing really, however, they may have better habits. Here are 10 habits that can make you a much more effective blogger. 1. Stay OFF Facebook. A good blogger actually writes, not posting pinterest pics. Facebook is a great tool to share your content, but it can also be a huge waste of productivity. *Tip to Becoming a Highly Effective Blogger: Don’t view Facebook as a fun way to take a break. As a blogger, Facebook is a marketing platform. Looking at friends’ photos is not going to make you money, or get you traffic. Limit your Facebook time to once per day. While on Facebook, concentrate on activities that will help grow your blog and readership. 2. Check e-mail no more than 3 times a day. In Tim Feriss’ bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workweek, he explains that checking your email more than once or twice a day is an extreme time waster. Effective bloggers get in the habit of checking their email just a couple times a day… no more than three. This allows them to stay in the zone… not being pulled away with every single email. *Tip to Becoming a Highly Effective Blogger: Choose 2-3 times per day that you will...

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The New SEO Can Benefit Content Writers 0

The New SEO Can Benefit Content Writers

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in blog news

With the new changes Google as implemented regarding how relevant content, links, and page titles influence “search” this maybe a good time to learn how to be a content writer…for your own business. Due to big changes in the SEO landscape, designers, photographers, videographers and writers have new opportunities to build their reputation, expand brand awareness and generate more leads. This post describes five important developments that content creators should be aware of, and then we’ll outline several ways to capitalize on them. Five SEO Developments That Favor Content Producers Thanks to self-publishing and social networks, the world is drowning in content. Google’s response: make it easy for searchers to drill down to exactly what they are looking for. Today, we can perform a search and look at the results all together in one big chunk, or we can carve off just a piece. We can look at search results from complete strangers, from people we know or from both. 1. Personalized Search While search engine users are accustomed to getting objective results on search engine results pages (SERPs), Google now serves up “subjective” results as well. When logged into Google and with personalized search turned on, you will see SERPs that include results based on your Web browsing...

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Stop Downloading Free WP Themes 0

Stop Downloading Free WP Themes

Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in blog news

I ran across an article that I just had to share. I’ve often written about cheap versus paying for what your web project. Moreover, I constantly warn my Atlanta business associates from doing the same thing. But the seduction of downloading free WordPress Themes are often very powerful when people are trying to avoid paying a Web Developer. However, this article explains whey: Siobhan McKeown  wrote: WordPress Themes Base is in the lucky position of being the top ranking site for “Free WordPress Themes.” Someone’s been working hard on their SEO! The blurb at the bottom tells the visitor that unlike other sites offering free WordPress themes, the themes at WordPress Themes Base are fresh. Great, there’s nothing better than a fresh theme. I downloaded Prinz Branford Magazine. Already things are looking problematic. Branford Magazine is a theme released by der Prinz. There is a very old version of the theme which (as far as I can tell) isn’t up-to-date with WordPress 3.0 and a Pro was released earlier this year. That means we’re looking at either a theme that doesn’t work properly with WP 3.0 or a theme that is a knock-off of a pro. After downloading the theme, I used a program that protects my computer from malicious code. (kind of like I work with it in...

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What Happens When Hackers Hit Your Blog 0

What Happens When Hackers Hit Your Blog

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in blog news

Jessie Cross has been running a food and cooking blog from her home in Salem, Mass. for four years. She’s amassed quite the audience, pulling in 200,000 visitors every month. Her blog became so popular, she was given a deal to publish a cookbook: and that’s when the hackers hit. On April 15, when Cross’ book based on herTheHungryMouse blog was supposed to come out, she logged in to her WordPress account to do a slew of promotional posts. It’s something she had done a thousand times, but on that day, something went wrong. “I couldn’t get into the back-end of WordPress,” said Cross. “So I knew I either got a bug or I did something wrong.” Cross, who describes herself as “pretty technically proficient,” contacted her host, who had nothing but bad news. “My hosts told me the domain registration no longer sat with me, but it looked like it was owned by some dude in China,” she said. The domain transfer actually happened around the beginning of March, but the hacker(s) didn’t take Cross’s access away for several weeks, so she wasn’t able to immediately detect the attack. Cross’s host said they’d investigate the incident, but then came back and said it was Google’s problem. Google initially pointed...

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Cheap vs. Professional Websites 0

Cheap vs. Professional Websites

Posted by on May 16, 2012 in blog news

Good websites aren’t cheap. Cheap websites aren’t good. Phillip Lockwood’s web agency, Distill, has annual retainers exceeding $1 million each. This means, some of his clients pay $1 million upfront to access his web services when needed. In his article Why You Should Pay As Much As Possible For Your Website, he forewarns business owners that when you negotiate web development to a rock-bottom price, you are doing more harm than good to your business. “If you use your wife’s nephew because he’ll do it for free, you may find yourself in the same situation as many of the clients who have come to me with a story of how they tried exactly the same thing (such projects never turn out well).” Don’t skimp, you only get one chance at first impressions Adam Green is an award-winning copywriter with clients from all over the world. He believes a Web designer is worth their weight in gold and knows that if you want a website that wows everyone who sees it and that’s an absolute joy to experience, you’ll have to pay for it. He describes business websites as, “It’s an insurance policy against poor first impressions. It’s how you make your brand shine before the world. […] And while the prospect of paying for...

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