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Howard Law Group

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in blog

The Howard Law Group was looking to capture market share in the Atlanta, Ga area. Originally practicing in far west Georgia, they wanted to expand their presence. After careful consideration, they hired PressProSites to do multiple web sites and do content writing. We put together a webdesign that utilized a “team profile” theme along with easy navigation links. More importantly, it had to be responsive and fast. We even created a call to action button on the site that only noble users could see. We integrated a Q and A page that was interactive with potential clients that wanted a specific question answered. Along with the Q and A  page, we created a “Live Chat” button so people could get legal advise in real time....

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Oakhurst Presbyterian Church Comments Off on Oakhurst Presbyterian Church

Oakhurst Presbyterian Church

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in blog

Oakhurst Presbyterian Church in Decatur Georgia, hired us to revamp their old website. It was about as old as html itself. They needed an website that could communicated current and upcomming events to their congregation in a new way. Let’s face it, everyone uses a smart phone or tablet to get info. This was the goal of re-designing the Oakhurst site.  We wanted to make sure Oakhurst was going to use their site far into the future. So we met multiple times with their committee to ensure the design and the idea was in sync with what they were looking for.  What we came up with was a “responsive” site that not only could be easily navigated on a traditional desktop, but completely mobile. The design was integrated with WordPress and created to be a highly functional  mobile site. Responsive to where the visitor was going to go and where (Oakhurst) wanted them to navigate to.  We also integrated: Audio, Video, and PDF capabilities for Sermons. This was a key ingredient for their community to either download, listen, or watch sermons when they couldn’t make it to church on Sunday.  Calendar events were also a crucial requirement in communicating with it’s members. So we put it on the front...

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Full Moon Adventures 0

Full Moon Adventures

Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in blog

Full Moon Adventures is a complete Membership site with one of the most advanced themes out there. When we were asked to design a site that uses multiple levels of membership and give the user an advanced booking system, we were definitely challenged. We went with a simple landing page and integrated Buddy Press on the backend. This gave the user with a richer experience and made the entire site a social site. We integrated a booking system so members could create their own trips, and RSVP to existing ones. We also created a Facebook type system so members could feel like it was a total community with each member being able to “create” their own friends. This website is a full featured site using some of the most advanced plugins and coding out there. We are very proud of this site, and the owners loved...

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Sculpted Body Pilates 0

Sculpted Body Pilates

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in blog

We were contracted by the owner of Sculpted Body Pilates of Atlanta, GA to design, and develoop a website that would introduce a new piece of Pilates equipment to the Atlanta Metro market place. We showed her the initial mock up of the design including colors, fonts, content, and video. She approved the mock up and we went to work. Not only did we shoot fresh and informative video for them, but we played a part in their social media campaign. Although the original design and feel of the project has changed since then, we delivered the web project leaving the Customer with exactly what they wanted. You can visit...

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OnTrackMD 0


Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in blog

OnTrack MD contacted us as a new business opportunity. Their business model was to provide a medical weight loss program for people that needed a fast track to weight loss. After several meetings about marketing and branding, we all agreed the best way to go was “non threatening” and easy to get information about Medical Weight Loss. The Client also wanted to provide, coupons on the site, newsletter sigh up, and a way to have users contact administrators and give them info on how they found the site. We provided all of it. is a graphically friendly site that pulls you in by a “Healthier Slimmer You” (which is their tag line). We also did logo creating and graphics for Ontrack. We are really happy with how the site came out, and they have already had new sign up’s. We build a strong SEO modual in the site itself so the entire Atlanta community can find them when they search “Atlanta Medical Weight Loss”. In fact, go to the site and check out the tab...

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Piedmont Minor 0

Piedmont Minor

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in blog

Piedmont Minor Emergency Care (based in Atlanta Buckhead) came to us do re-design there web presence. Having had a bad experience with another “web person”, we wanted to make sure that this time, their experience was a good one.  We went to work on creating a visually friendly, safe, secure website that was based on “I need content now”! For people needing emergency care, or new people moving into the community, we created an experience that was easy to navigate, and was interactive. By creating a FAQ page  we were able to communicate to potential patience or walk in’s. We also created a friendly contact form so people could ask questions pre-arrival. We were also very specific with how to get there, and the ability to get directions.  This is what Atlanta Web Design professionals do, we create the users experience and provide communication between the user, and the client....

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