Security and Recovery

Hacking is the #1 Problem! Secure? ┬áThousands of WordPress sites here in the Atlanta Metro Area. But how often do you hear about security, backup, and recovery when it comes to your WordPress Website? Good Web Developers will not only create a functional site for you, but they will make sure it’s not vulnerable to “hacker attacks”.

What good is a site if you get spammed, hacked, and violated? There are literally thousands of hackers out there trying to break into any site, let alone a WordPress site. They take control, and next thing you know, they are using your site to send spam.

Press Pro Sites has developed a Security Package that will protect, backup, mirror, and prevent intrusion attacks on your site.

IMPORTANT: If you have a e-commerce site, how important is keeping your users data secure and safe? Press Pro has a Security package for e-commerce sites that will keep your products, and data safe. More importantly, if your hosting company get’s hacked (such as Zappos)

If you have a WordPress site, or Open Cart site, we can help secure and protect your data. See our Secure Backup Page for more details