Small Business

Press Pro Pricing is configured in a unique format. In other words, we’ve been doing this for a long time and have put together pricing that corresponds with most small business needs. We find most small businesses that are just getting started need room for expansion, and this package is perfect for lots of growth without re-inventing a whole new website.

  •   Meet with Dev Team and discuss design

  • Set up Hosting Account

  • Installation of WordPress

  • Configure WordPress

  • Choose from Basic Made Themes (only from PressProSites)

  • Create 5 Pages

    • Home

    • About Page

    • Contact Page

    • Blog Page

    • Other Page (your choice)

  • 1 Logo (must be provided) 3 Graphics or Images of your choosing

  • Menu Customization

  • Install Press Pro Plan (New) Plugin Package

    • SEO Plugin

    • Spam Filter (Askimet)

    • Google Anylitics

  • 1 hour personal “How To” training course on your site

  • Complete Access to your site with Username & Password

  • 3 month subscription to $75 dollar value

Plan starts at $1,295